Paintings, Ceiling- & Wallfrescos

Style YOUR Home more personally & individually with Acryl-Paintings - whater as Pictures or as Wallfrescos on canvas - or do you search a special gift for a special person at a occasion?

Then order a painted Portrait of him or an Acryl-Painting, whitch repräsents his or her personal character more than a quick snapshot.

Special opportunity: You can order my paintings by Artflakes as printed on canvas, as poster or as postcard.

Portraits are the ideal gift for Special occiasions, such as:

  • birstday gift

  • wedding gift

  • Christmas gift

  • funeral gift 

Landscape Paintings or Animal Paintings are ideal for:

  • nature lover

  • health-conscious people

  • spiritual people

Nude Paintings are an ideal gift for:

  • Lovers

  • at the wedding anniversary

Abract Paintings are an ideal gift for:

  • philosophicall, spirituall persons

  • a special gift for persons in the legal, medical, psychological 

If you want to buy one of my paintings, please contact me. 

if you are interested in a wallfresco on canvas here you get more informations