Together with Maxwell SchurkoWitz, Sir Johann & Brigitta. We stand for theatric comedy.

You will see Hamlet reloaded

the undertaker-frenzied-taker

Ms. Fate & the Angel of Dead

We`re cynical & full of self-irony

with our thoughtfullness

we don't even let escape the death,

nor the society.

But we do not only critizes politics, WE ACT -

so 30% of the Profit from our Spektakel-Shows goes to ATTAC Aurstria.

We offer more than Stand-up Comedy.

Tickets: from 15€ 



27.07., at 20:00 at Cafè Heinrichs

(Thaliastr. 12)

20- + 21.09., at 19:30 in Spektakel

The shows are in german.


The german Comedy "At the outskirts of the society"